Hotels nearby or that are recommended – we used to recommend the Doubletree Hilton by the station and the Amrath which are both lovely hotels but not super close to us (10 min walk) and not super close to the bars (15-20 min walk) or places we go so…
Also you will probably see a great deal on a hotel and think it’s worth saving the €35 a night but trust us it’s easier to get a hotel within the S100 otherwise you will spend a lot of your weekend walking or on a tram. It’s fine if you are local or have a bike otherwise pay the extra and enjoy the weekend.
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Nearby (Valkenburgerstraat)

There are four on our street listed here by their ratings in order of best to least best according to people who have booked on tripadvisor. Monet Garden (Nice #44 out of 417 ratings) Holiday Inn Express (Average #64 out of 417 ratings) Motel One (Average #72 out of 417 ratings) Ibis (Basic #131 out of 417 rating). Ibis though is also cheaper than the other 3 usually so take your pick biertjes or nice room!

Monet Garden
Valkenburgerstraat 76, 1011 LZ Amsterdam
The Monet Garden is possibly the nicer of the four on the same street our place.

Monet Garden Hotel Valkenburgerstraat
Monet Garden –

Motel One – Waterlooplein
Valkenburgerstraat 90, 1011 LZ Amsterdam
Motel One Waterlooplein is a minute down Valkenburgerstraat conveniently next door to the Monet Garden

Motel One Valkenburgerstraat
Motel One –

Holiday Inn Express – City Hall
Valkenburgerstraat 14, 1011 LZ Amsterdam
Number 3 on our street there is a Holiday Inn Express further along Valkenburgerstraat than the other three but only by 20 metres or so

Holiday Inn Express Valkenburgerstraat
Holiday Inn Express –

Ibis Amsterdam Centre – Stopera
Valkenburgerstraat 68, 1011 LZ Amsterdam
Wait did I say three hotels in a row along Valkenburgerstraat? I meant 4 obviously. Take your pick based on room or budget they are all in a row basically.

Ibis Hotel Amsterdam Valkenburgerstraat
Ibis Stopera –

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Closeby (Rembrandtplein & Muntplein)

Hotel Eden
Amstel 144, 1017 AE Amsterdam
The always reliable Eden hotel near Rembrandtplein is only a few minutes from us and unlike the ones on our street closer to many of the bars. It’s had a refurb during covid time so the prices may be a little higher than you remember.

Eden Hotel
Eden Hotel –

NH Collection Amsterdam Flower Market
Vijzelstraat 4, 1017 HK Amsterdam
Perfect location for all the gay bars on Reguliers. Also not a bad location for sightseeing so all in all a good spot and sometimes a good deal with BA including a flight.

NH Collection Flower Market Hotel
NH Collection Flower Market –

Nothing take your fancy? Then check out Trivago for more deals.