Sunday 30th August 2015
The club at the House of St Barnabas
1 Greek Street
Soho Square
London W1D 4NQ

We are delighted you can join us for our celebration.

Some useful information for the evening is below but it’s by no means organised fun and if you have questions please let us know.

We will be based in the garden (weather permitting) from 6pm. Sign in with the team at the door, and they’ll send you through to the bar were some refreshments will be waiting and then onwards to where we are. As our guests, you are more than welcome to enjoy the rest of the club during the evening so explore the artwork and if you need a break the lounge upstairs is great if you need a quiet seat.

Later in the evening there will be a DJ playing downstairs in the Garden Room as well as some entertainment.

More information about the club and the charity it supports are available at http://hosb.org.uk/our-club/

Again many thanks for joining us to celebrate our wedding. We’re looking forward to sharing a great night with you all.

Getting to the club is easy – and here is a map and address
Tottenham Court Road
Uber. Use code d3lfq for a £10 credit on your first ride.
To get in, there is a bell pull to the right hand side of the door – give it a yank!
Colourful smart casual dress code, the grooms will have made an effort
Phones are allowed
There is no smoking to the front of the building – you’ll have you use the garden or take a stroll around Soho Square
The wonderful bar crew will be dishing out drinks until 1am